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2014-18 Artbooks Retrospective


I started doing a best-of annual artbook in 2014, which was round about when I started taking myself a bit more seriously as An Artist, as opposed to A Guy What Draws Things. My work has radically improved since then, but I still believe passionately in five-years-ago Lucian's work, and am proud of him. He's proud of me, too, I'm sure.

I always intended for the artbooks to be collectable. The front covers are all similar-yet-different: a trigger for my collection urges for sure. Now, if you don't have any artbooks of mine at all, you can just... buy all five at once, and be rewarded with a lovely (unique, handmade) bookmark and a Terrible Surprise for your trouble.

My artbooks are a simple saddle-stitch book with soft-touch matte covers and beautiful 115gsm recycled inners. The paper isn't dirty: it's living its best life and so should you. All artbooks contain a modicum of nudity and potentially a bit of tasteful gore. Do not indulge if you are intolerant to the naked in/human form or have an easily-started grandma that customarily breaks into your room and reads all your books.