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LADDER soft enamel chained pin


A witch ladder is a piece of constructed spellwork consisting of bundles of (usually) hair or feathers, tied together with string - or, if you’re very cool, more hair. Witch ladders have been found concealed in various buildings throughout the UK since the first one was discovered in the attic of a to-be-demolished house in Somerset in 1878. The craft doesn’t seem to be very old: no written records of witch ladders being used for spellwork precede the 19th century, and the exact purpose of the earliest ones discovered is shrouded in ambiguity.

Either way, modern witchcraft likes a good ladder, and so do I: visual representations of sequence in magic is very useful if you need to think through the order of outcomes you desire, or the path leading to where you are now.

The LADDER pin can be worn across the collar as a collar chain to add esoteric points of interest to a suit, or across the lapel in various ways. The loose feather bundle will sometimes twist to reveal the reverse: this is a natural consequence of it being a physical object, and should be accepted.