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Morris Dancers vinyl stickers


I thought about all the Morris dancing we missed last year due to the plague ravaging our land, and wondered how many sides, with the average age of a Morris dancer being 60+, would leave this abominable period light of members. Whittlesea Strawbear Festival is next weekend, and instead of a chilly day in the streets of the little town, warmed by jingling and hot chocolate, there are numerous fun Zoom presentations to attend. This is lovely, but it isn’t the same. I was sad for a bit, and then drew fantasy Morris dancers about it.

My Morris dancers have more hooden animals than normally one might see in a Morris side, and I’m yet to see a side specifically recruit trans and gender non-conforming people to contribute our particular magic, but they should.

Four beautiful, merry Morris dancers, ready to cheer up your surfaces. High quality matte vinyl, which may even be weatherproof. I haven't left the house often enough to test this.